Richelle's Story: No Diagnosis is the Final Diagnosis

Petra’s Story: Back Into the Light with TCM

Four years ago I was suffering from the dreaded “hot flashes.” I wanted to take a homeopathic approach to this transformation.  Master Lu made it abundantly clear that suffering through menopause wasn’t the natural way to transition. All my life, women around me had accepted their fate of mood swings, depression, sexual dysfunction, and hot flashes. My intuition told me there was another path.  And I was correct! Thanks to TCM, I no longer suffer from those menopausal symptoms.

A year-and-a-half later, I was diagnosed with pre-cancerous cells in my cervix.

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Esther's Story: No Side Effects with Complementary Care

I underwent 24 weeks of chemotherapy and 6 weeks of radiation treatments after my surgery for stage II breast cancer. Simultaneously, I also chose TCM with acupuncture and Chinese herbs.  I practiced specific Wu Ming Qigong energy movements and followed a diet prescribed for preventing and healing from breast cancer. I was fortunate to be able to take leave from work to allow my body and spirit time to heal and renew. My western medical doctors, family, and friends were amazed. I did not experience any nausea, vomiting, bone marrow depression, skin burning, or blistering which are the common side effects of western anti-cancer treatments.

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Jeanne's Story: My Cancer Journey

They say it is a battle…Cancer.  A death sentence if you don’t choose to fight.  And, if you don’t fight the way you are told, you are doomed.  So, if you want to be a survivor, enter the battle so you can win the war. Join in and win. I couldn’t wear pink.  I couldn’t be in a battle.  It didn’t feel like a war to me.  It felt like a journey.  A healing opportunity.  A wake-up call. I had just recently become involved with Tao of Healing and TCM World Foundation when I got my Triple Negative breast cancer diagnosis October 12, 2012. 

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Edna’s Story: One Step at a Time

I was desperate for an alternative approach to my health issues.  After a “Stage 4” cancer diagnosis, I was in need of big changes in my life. I started my Qigong practice literally one step at a time. I moved on to practicing for just a few minutes a day, and I started feeling a bit better, so I continued. The more I practiced, the better I felt. I was able to sleep again, and I felt energized. So I wanted more, and more, and more. That’s when I decided to become a Dragon’s Way® instructor. At first, I did it for myself. But after my awesome experience with self-healing, I knew this was a good way to share my journey with others.

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Connie’s Story: Clean Report Through Qigong

I was a smoker in the past. After a CT scan showed a nodule on my lung, I began practicing Qigong faithfully. A repeat CT scan showed that the nodule had completely disappeared. My scarring is now very light. Only one tiny dot remains—it is the size of a hair follicle.

My doctor can’t figure it out, but I know that my Qigong practice helped shift my energy.

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Paula's Experience: Integrating Chinese Medicine

When I received notice that an abnormal mammogram required further imagining, I consulted my friend for guidance. He suggested that I order, Wu Ming Qigong for Breast Health DVD and begin practicing. At the next round of medical testing, which included specialized mammography and an ultra sound, the radiologist reported that he saw a lot of YUCK in my right breast.

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Arlette's Experience: Healing is In My Hands

After a mammogram and an unexpected ultrasound, the doctor comes back. ” We recommend a biopsy.”  My mind almost freezes but I push back, “I would like first to have the opinion of my classically trained Chinese doctor and Qigong master (who has followed me for the last 20 years and through my menopause).

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Catharina’s Journey: Understanding the Body’s Innate Wisdom

My relationship with the TCM World Foundation Center unfolded in baby steps, ‘accidentally’, so it seemed. Now I know better. I’ll start with the results of this ever unfolding journey: Learning about and with the Five Element Energetic Framework has deeply influenced and changed my entire outlook on life on a multitude of levels. It has given me glimpses into Oneness being a possibility.

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Haley’s Story: Breaking a Genetic Code

Growing up, I was a bouncy kid. I would flip off of the couch and get into just about everything. So from the time that I could walk, my mom enrolled me in gymnastics. I continued until I was 13. But at age 11, I started breaking bones. 

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Arlene’s Story: The Power to Self-Heal

Last summer I was diagnosed with breast cancer for the third time. I had been diligent with checkups and testing, so I was quite surprised to learn that this condition had returned. When I told my daughter what had occurred, she asked me, “Mom, why does this keep on happening to you?” I told her that I didn’t know but I wanted to do something proactive in my life to make sure it did not happen again.

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Jenny’s Story: Creating a New Reality

When I was 52 years old, I had an abnormal mammogram. It was not the first time I’d been called back for a follow-up ultrasound. But this time the result was that two masses were found in my right breast. A needle biopsy was needed.

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Jackie's Story: Making a Choice

I was having some feelings like swelling October 2010 I was in extreme pain and I looked like I was pregnant. I had gone to a doctor near work not knowing what to do about this feeling. She sent me for an ultrasound and an MRI.

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Melanie's Story: PMS is Not Normal

For many years, I suffered through crippling menstrual cramps. Most of my friends complained about them, too. I also had such heavy periods (due to fibroids) that it was debilitating and I couldn’t plan to go anywhere unless I had quick access to a bathroom. It was terrible, and it became my normal.

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Randi's Story: My Choices

Choices…we all make them all the time. We choose what to wear, what to eat, where to go, who to be friends with, who to be in relationships with, and so on. Some choices appear easier than others. When we have something going on with our health whether physical and/or emotional, we can choose to pay attention to these conditions, or not.

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