Self-Care: Prevention

The first step toward prevention is to recognize that early detection, while important, is not prevention. Prevention happens when the body is strong and balanced. The body has the profound wisdom to heal itself. It knows what it needs to heal itself. Its wisdom is often overlooked, yet the body continues to communicate. One way is through your intuition, your internal voice, your sixth sense. Listen to this inner voice. It will guide you to a healing path.

There’s no set rule.  Everyone is different. See what speaks to you.  Then passionately follow your intuition and watch the transformation happen.

Food and Immune Health

Eat fresh, clean, and nutritious foods. Start by assessing your eating habits and slowly making changes to detoxify the body and enhance the immune system. See what foods we recommend and what eating patterns we have learned to enjoy.

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Your body is a reflection of your consciousness, your emotions, your feelings. Meditation can release unwanted thoughts and allow you to become more peaceful. Here are several meditations to explore.

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Release negative emotions. When continually held, these emotions create internal vibrations that disrupt the natural flow of energy. We’ll help you release them.

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Qigong Practice

Qigong is a powerful source of energy to help the body heal. Here are various Qigong movements that guide energy through the breast area. Practice them every day and watch the benefits mount up.

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Finding Spirit

Everything is energy, all energy has consciousness, all consciousness has a purpose. What purpose does this serve you?

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There are many areas of the body that respond positively to self-massage.

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