About TCM World Foundation

Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation (TCMWF), for more than twenty years, has served as a leading not-for-profit organization engaged in sharing the ancient wisdom of Taoist philosophy and the healing tradition of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

TCMWF is dedicated to educating individuals, healthcare professionals, and organizations about classical Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which is a multidimensional body-mind-spirit self-healing practice. Through our educational programs, professional trainings, blog posts, publications, and practitioner resources, we hope to advance the practice and integration of authentic Traditional Chinese Medicine in Western culture.

Through this website, TCMWF shares its perspective on how to prevent breast cancer and heal. We believe that early detection is important, but it should not be confused with prevention. We hope to create greater awareness about the role lifestyle plays in the preventative process.

We are grateful to the passionate individuals who gave the gifts of their time, talents, and heart to support Grand Master Nan Lu’s vision to educate women how to access their health and healing abilities.

To learn more about TCMWF and view our other programs, please visit, www.tcmworld.org.