An inner knowing deep within your consciousness recognizes there is something special for you here.  This site was developed and is supported by individuals who recognize that answers lie within.  Each has experienced some form of healing by shifting the framework of understanding to natural law.

Techniques, and guidance comes from one root, one system, one path in continuous use of thousands of years.  Chinese medicine, is an ancient system that is applied to everyday life.

Our approach is not a modern-day conglomeration of various teachings merged into a new, ungrounded system.

Our core belief is–we are all energy beings, connected inseparably to one another, to nature and to the Universe. Everything we do impacts our being, from our own body, mind, and spirit to our interwoven relationships to our lifestyles, eating habits, beliefs, and emotions.

Most of all, we recognize illness as the language of the body. The body manifests signs of imbalances eventually labeled as disease because a method of decoding these signs is unknown to us.  But a system doe exist and is knowable.

Grand Master Nan Lu

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