The Five Element Energetic Framework

The body continually communicates its needs to us, but do we know how to read its messages? The Five Element Energetic Framework gives us a unique understanding of what our bodies are saying.

Five Elements assembles all of Nature’s elements—Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water—into a single framework of interrelated systems that function as a team on many levels—body, mind, and spirit. Each element is a unique energy frequency, following known laws of Nature and resonating with a particular organ. When an energy frequency is disturbed, we can “hear” which organs might be off balance. Subtle messages when unheard will become louder and louder.

Look at the chart below. To use this for self-analysis, first think about which color you gravitate towards. The color black resonates with Kidney energy, green with Liver, red with Heart, yellow with Stomach, and white with Lung. What is the associated emotion or taste or element? These are clues about which organ is calling for support. By using this framework, you will begin to build a relationship with your internal world.

The Five Element Energetic Framework

Ask Yourself These Questions

Do you sometimes crave salty food? This message is from your Kidney.

Do you love sweets? So does your stomach. Is there too much on your plate to digest?

Do you find yourself frustrated and angry most of the time? This is related to Liver function.

While this sounds like a fun game, it’s a profound framework applied over many generations to the health and healing of billions of people. Today we are learning how to reuse this framework to prevent illness and build a better understanding of personal energy flow.

Liver Function

The Liver must keep your Qi and blood moving freely throughout your body. Traditional Chinese Medicine recognizes the stagnation of Qi and Blood as a causative factor in the development of masses or tumors. The Liver is also responsible for the flow of emotional energy so stress, when constantly held, will impact its normal functioning. Liver’s meridian,  travels through the breast area. If Liver energy can’t move freely through this area, you will experience breast tenderness. View this as a sign of imbalance. A free flow of energy is essential. Keeping your Liver healthy is a key step in maintaining breast health. Here are some ways. Signs that your Liver may needs support include PMS, irregular periods, angry moods, infertility, indigestion, yeast infections, tendon issues, cold hands and feet. Your challenge is to release unwanted emotions and discover how to go with the flow.

The Stomach

The Stomach meridian also runs through the breast area and goes through the nipple. The Stomach digests food as well as thoughts and emotions. You are constantly acquiring new energy through the foods you eat; however, if your digestive system is not functioning properly, you will not receive nutrition or energy from these foods. The Liver and Stomach enjoy a cooperative relationship. Their role is to aid in healthy digestion.  Any irregularity in the Liver’s energy will naturally affect how well the Stomach functions. Signs of imbalance include excessive worry, bloating, muscle cramps, food allergies, loose stool, anemia, lack of energy, lack of appetite, and migraine headaches.

The Kidney

The Kidney is the main organ responsible for generating Qi for the entire body. It stores the inherited energy received from your parents at birth. It is referred to as your energy tank and acts as your motor. Its natural course is to decline with age. But learning how to use this energy wisely will help you maintain a more vibrant life. Certain herbal formulas, as well as Qigong movements, can support this vitally important organ. Signs of Kidney function disorder include lower back pain, knee pain, heel pain, frequent urination, bone loss, hair loss, ringing in the ears, forgetfulness, and hot flashes.

Seeing Deeper into the Framework

The diagram of the Five Elements contains two sets of lines—one solid, one dashed—moving in different directions. The solid line expresses a “mother-child” or nurturing relationship; the dashed line represents a cooperative relationship or one of unconditional support.

A nurturing relationship means, no matter what, the mother organ must take action to nourish her child when the child is in trouble or without enough Qi to function. She will help her child even at her own expense. Think of this. If the Liver is constantly overstressed, it will appeal to its mother, the Kidney, for help. She will provide nourishment; however, she will suffer the consequences, possibly in the form of fatigue or more serious conditions.

You and your body are one. Your body can become unbalanced as you encounter and respond to the experience of everyday life—stress, events, relationships, emotions, feelings about yourself. Actions required by the body on an invisible level to restore balance will have visible implications for the development and progression of health issues.