Energy in Motion

Beliefs are powerful energy frequencies that build-up over a lifetime and create thoughts, generate emotions and emotions impact healthy organ function. Each of us creates our own reality from these convictions. At every moment, we create health through beliefs. Our daily life is based on beliefs as is our health.

First, there is a belief, then the belief feeds the emotion and your desires. When an emotion is held in excess, it causes an intense internal vibration that causes the body to go off balance. Constantly held anger, sadness, or even worry can cause you to feel stuck, out of sorts, and even achy. Take a look at the Five Element Chart to see what emotion is associated with which organ.

Emotions are also cumulative. They don’t just happen and it takes time to recognize how to release them and how to get to the root of the underlying belief. Here are a few exercises that will help you get started.

Learning How to Release Emotions

Step One: Think about the things that bother you. Then gently scream and allow the vibration of your voice to release what bothers you from your body. Be careful at first. Find your voice, scream, then once you have acquired the skill of screaming, scream as loud as you can.

Step Two: Cry. This is not easy to do but will allow the body to release even more emotions. Tears are an energy transfer–emotions become tears.

Step Three: Smile. See yourself in a state of grace. Smile deeply from the bottom of your feet up. Allow this smile to fill your Heart with peace.

Emotional Cleansing Explained

Assessing emotions

  • What things bother or frustrate you?
  • Write them down in order of intensity.
  • Choose one or two small things at first.
  • Watch those things over a few days.  See your reactions.
  • For the next two weeks take notice of when those feelings occur and see if you can find a way to see them differently.  Do you play a role in creating them?

By starting out small, you will gain the experience of “looking” at yourself and honestly assessing what’s working in your life and what’s not. Explore your beliefs and look for ways to change your thinking.

You will also find this video helpful.