Understanding Breast Cancer

Any form of illness including breast cancer begins with the body falling out of balance. Diet, lifestyle, and emotions affect the energetic balance and flow of the body. Energy moves constantly through an intricate web of channels to communicate with physical organs and power the body. To sustain health, everything in the body relies on the smooth flow of Qi or Universal life force. When the flow of Qi is blocked, the body becomes less and less efficient and eventually displays aches and pains, mood swings, and physical illness. These signs are the body’s way of letting you know you need to make changes in your life.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the root cause of breast cancer is a two-part condition. It involves the stagnation of Qi in energy pathways known as meridians that run through the breast area and the patterns, beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and lifestyle choices that contribute to Qi stagnation. The good news is, there is much you can do to create balance.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qi

The body is an integrated whole powered by Qi. Its physical structures may seem fine yet the way they function at multidimensional levels may not be. Here we explain how to understand illness from a completely different perspective.

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The breast has three major energy pathways that run through it. If energy can flow freely through this area, breast lumps and masses can resolve themselves. Here you can  see those meridians.

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The Five Element Energetic Framework

Each organ has an assigned duty and a means for communicating among themselves. Knowing how to enhance organ function is crucial to sustain and bring back good health.

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Breast Cancer Progression

All disease begins at the energetic level and shows up on medical tests when the health issue progresses from an energetic imbalance to a physical problem. See if you relate to this story.

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