Meridians: Invisible Pathways to Health

Invisible pathways called meridians carry Qi throughout your body and allow your organs to communicate with each other. A good way to understand meridians is to picture them as a network of energy channels that connect to each other and to everything in your body–organs, tissues, skin, nerves, blood vessels, bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons as well as every cell. These pathways also link the upper and lower portions of your body and its surface and interior.

Nothing is truly separate. These pathways give form to your body and pull together all invisible aspects of your being into an intercommunicating whole. Open, unblocked, and healthy meridians are essential for the body’s automatic, self-regulating actions to occur. If Qi becomes blocked or clogged, it can stagnate and you begin to feel out of sorts. You might feel tired, ill, or achy, or have headaches, digestive problems, or trouble getting restful sleep.

Three major meridians run through the breast area: Stomach, Liver, and Kidney. Half of all breast cancers occur on the Stomach’s meridian line, but since everything in the body is connected, it’s important to keep all three energy lines flowing freely. If Qi flows freely through these meridians, preventative actions and recovery efforts will be magnified.

There are several ways to impact the meridian level.  One is through quality Qigong practice.  We suggest you find a good teacher to develop an understanding of this powerful invisible level of healing.

Trace Three Meridians