Qigong for Breast Cancer Prevention

Sept. 11, 18, 25, 2024 over Zoom

Our virtual workshops are a new approach to prevention as well as healing from breast cancer. We use Qigong movements to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms.

We start by teaching several Qigong postures and continue to refine the energy forms with each class. Next, we take participants through a how-to guide for adjusting diet and eating styles because the digestive system plays a key role in maintaining health. Then lifestyle is considered with an emphasis of reducing stress.

Using Qigong for health purposes has grown in popularity.  It is a practice we encourage women to develop on a daily basis.  To this end we provide participants a free video practice and a booklet on key points related to TCM rebalancing.

In our clinic and workshops women have effectively resolved a range of breast issues including breast tenderness, calcifications, and lumps. While others have used these techniques to heal from the after effects of chemo therapy and radiation.  Our goal is not to replace Western medicine but to offer these practices as a complementary and preventative approach to health.

Medical Qigong practitioner Elaine Katen facilitates this training.  Elaine has been privileged to study with Grand Master Lu in a unique classical internship for more than 22 years.

Cost and Continuing Education Credits

Session fee of $200.00 includes:

6 PDAs through NCCAOM

  • Instruction in seven Wu Ming Qigong movements
  • Educational booklet on TCM basic theory
  • Discussion on lifestyle and eating habits
  • One complimentary instructional DVD

Participants must attend all Zoom sessions and must attend on video to ensure the movements are learned correctly.

Class will meet for 75 minutes starting at 9:30 AM (ET) September 11, 18, 25.

Message from the Instructors

Learning how to properly practice these Qigong movements is key to successfully sharing the practice.

Our deepest desire is to share this ancient healing wisdom with women everywhere. Normally, Qigong movements would not be taught in such a short period of time, however, with the growing incidence of breast cancer, it is imperative that passionate people demonstrate these movements to women.

Please note, this course does not qualify you as a Qigong instructor, rather an ambassador of goodwill able to share the teachings.

In 2006, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation funded this project which allowed TCMWF  to produce and disseminate instructional DVDs. Today we continue to offer these materials as part of our training program.

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Qigong for Breast Health and Prevention is based on the following concepts.

True prevention comes from a strong energy system. When energy stagnation in the breast area isn’t addressed, and when certain conditions such as chronic stress, poor diet, and life imbalances are present, it will ultimately lead to physical manifestations of disease. These can appear as calcifications, cysts, breast lumps, etc. Self-healing Qigong movements stimulate the energy flow through the key energy pathways running through the breast area. These physical issues can then be dispersed and the internal conditions that foster them are resolved. Other lifestyle issues contribute to breast cancer prevention.  Some of those will be addressed in the training as well.

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