2022 Women's Health Initiative

Complimentary Workshop

We would like to reach more women and share techniques we’ve used to heal from and prevent breast cancer. Content is reflected by the materials in this website.  An overview of each class is listed below. These life affirming methods empower women to move beyond fear, and care for themselves in a healthier manner.

As part of our foundation’s Breast Cancer Prevention Project, we intend to reach out to communities and offer free workshops during 2022.  Help us reach your organization by forwarding the following information.

Arranging your groups workshop

If you belong to a women’s group or know of a group and would like to arrange a 2-part free class, contact us at ekaten@tcmworld.org with the following information.

  1. Determine the groups interest before contacting us
  2. Send us the contact persons name, email and phone number
  3. Send the formal name of the group
  4. Approximately how many women will attend
  5. What is the preference to time of day? AM or PM
  6. What is the preferred date? (Offer 3 options)

An overview of what to expect

Session One

  • Incorporating a holistic approach to prevention and healing
  • Understanding the power of Qigong practice
  • Learn 5 Qigong postures
  • Understanding how stress affects the healing process
  • Role of emotions in unbalancing health

Session Two

  • Review of 5 Qigong movements
  • 2 new Qigong movements introduced
  • Effects of diet on the digestive system
  • How to develop a healthier digestive system
  • Action plan to move forward

Balancing health is an ever changing process. The body knows how to heal and uses the support of Qigong practice to build resources that can lead to a lifetime of wellbeing.

These practices have changed the way we are in life including the way we view health, relationships and our own overall well-being.  It’s our pleasure to now share these teachings with you.  Irma and Elaine