Virtual Classes: Qigong for Women


 and May 5 and May 12
Learn how and why specific Qigong practices can improve breast health. These sessions will empower women to enjoy greater health.  Sessions include:
  • 2 Virtual sessions with TCM Health Consultants, Elaine and Irma
  • What makes Qigong an effective addition to your healing regiment?
  • What meridians impact breast health?
  • Learn 7 Wu Ming Qigong postures
  • Free download of the postures
  • Free download of a self-help booklet
  • Discussions about how and what to eat


Do you have the desire to learn how to use the ancient art of Qigong practice to heal from or help prevent breast issues? Then this class has been waiting for you.

Chinese medicine tells us that the body is powered by Qi. When Qi cannot move freely or with ease, physical issues begin to appear.  Issues such as breast tenderness, calcifications, lumps, and more are seen as energy stagnating in the breast area. But with continued Qigong practice and some lifestyle shifts, the body responds with an increase in energy flow.

In 2 virtual classes, we will teach women how to use Qigong practices as part of their prevention and healing protocols.


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