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2022 Women's Health Initiative

We would like to reach more women and share techniques we’ve used to heal from and prevent breast cancer.

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Professional Training

We begin the journey by teaching you several key Qigong postures that help rebalance the body.

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Message from the Instructors

Learning how to properly practice these Qigong movements is key to successfully sharing the practice.

Our deepest desire is to share this ancient healing wisdom with women everywhere. Normally, Qigong movements would not be taught in such a short period of time, however, with the growing incidence of breast cancer, it is imperative that passionate people demonstrate these movements to women.

Please note, this course does not qualify you as a Qigong instructor, rather an ambassador of goodwill able to share the teachings.

In 2006, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation funded this project which allowed TCMWF  to produce and disseminate instructional DVDs. Today we continue to offer these materials as part of our training program.